Developing Education Performance Metrics Essay examples

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Developing Education Performance Metrics

Group C
Keerati Trantien
Kewalee Auwattanasombut
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National University
Dr. Iraj Mahdavi
July 18, 2015

Developing Education Performance Metrics
In our modern world, most companies want their employees to be educated and well trained. They look at education first before interviewing an applicant. It is important for students to get good grades and a degree in order to find employment. Objectives that students set for themselves are very important to achieving their goals. The motivation can easily be changed over time, but should the student want to maintain their original goals, standards of studying, networking, and self-motivation are necessary. An instructor also has a lot influence over their student’s success. Instructors and students are like co-workers who may have different tasks but work towards common objectives. There are many ways to achieve goals such as setting a strategic objective, keeping on track, comparing objectives, and understanding and developing the instructor/student role for achieve the objective.
1. Write a list that summarizes your strategic objectives for getting an education at this point in your life. As you work on developing the list, think about more than just getting a degree (although that may be one of your strategic objectives) and think about why you want to get that degree.
After discussing within our group, we can summarizes our list of tactic we use for our success as three points:
Study hard which includes making our own schedule and organized time for learning. Read the material in advance and take notes on what is important for each chapter. We then summarize the material for better understanding.
Networking is also important to support our goals. We get to know our follow students and we can understand different perspectives. We have the chance to meet with others in a group to exchange our experience and knowledge.
Motivate and re-motivate is kind a source of energy for everyone. We reward ourselves for doing well in school, and with this reward, we encourage of future success. We can also use other people and examples to help inspire us to achieve the goal.
We can easily reach our goal if we always follow those three tactics. We all have the same goal to get a degree in MBA. We all want to learn and earn the knowledge of this career to, first get a job that is related to what we have studied and second use it in our own business. Understanding market principals will help us to succeed with our career goals. Knowing about business practices will allow us to have an advantage in anticipating market trends for succeeding our career.
2. For each of the strategic objectives that you listed, identify some key measures that will help you determine whether or not you are on track to achieve that objective. Remember, one objective may require several different measures to adequately capture whether or not that objective has been achieved. Briefly jot down at least one measure for each objective.
To study, we will do all the reading and highlight parts that are substantive to the course directive and we will meet with group to get outside perspective. To network, we will make a study group and meet with the group to cover material in the course. We will exchange everyone’s opinions. They may think a different way, and in reconciling those opinions we get a new understanding of the material. To motivate and re-motivate, we will set easily achievable goals to help encourage our success and set up a reward system to encourage ourselves to study. We can also encourage our friends and help motivate them when they are feeling down.
3. Compare the objectives and measures that you have developed. Then develop answers to the following questions:
A. Do you see any objectives that appear to be contradictory?
No, we did not. The objectives are not contradictory and in fact they seem to