Diego Velazquez And Pablo Picasso's Las Meninas

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Diego Velazquez and Pablo Picasso were both well known Spanish artists. Velazquez created a painting for the royal family of Spain. The painting was titled Las Meninas. Over three centuries later Picasso made over 58 replicas of the original painting done by Velazquez. Although the title and subject was the same in both paintings, the masterpieces were very different.
Velazquez’s painting Las Meninas shows the princess of Spain being attended to by her attendants. The title Las Meninas means the attendants. Velazquez was trying to portray that even though the princess was a royal figure for Spain that her attendants were very important. Even though the center of the painting is the princess by titling it the attendants it is inferred that the attendant in the painting were a main center of focus. In Pablo Picasso’s version of Las Meninas it is inferred that Picasso’s main point of focus was on the princess herself. He was trying to portray that the princess was the most important feature in the painting because she was a royal figure and the attendants only tended to her. Because of this Picasso’s version centered on the princess and did not include most of the attendants in Velazquez’s original version. The two paintings are similar in many ways. Both paintings show the princess and her attendants. In both paintings the princess is being attended to by her attendants. Although these paintings are very similar they are also very different. In the original version done by
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Both Velazquez and Picasso were very motivated in creating their masterpieces. Velazquez created a painting centered around the princess’s attendants while Picasso centered around the princess. The two painting were very similar in some ways but also different in many ways. From Velazquez’s original version to one of Picasso many replicas, Las Meninas has been painted and interpreted very