Difference Between European And Native American Slavery

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The breakthrough of “discovering” the New World by the Europeans was remarkable, but the barbaric practices of captivating human beings for personal profit were demeaning and scarring. Throughout history, slavery was not an uncommon practice before and after the discovery of the New World. Slaves flourished throughout various European countries such as the Ottoman Empire. However, European slaves were often treated with benefits and privileges rather than the slaves in the New World. Not only is there a difference of how they were treated in different countries, but also how different minority groups, Africans and Native Indians, were treated and handled differently at the time.
The Native Indians and Africans were the groups of people that were forced to be in slavery under European control. The Europeans used these people as a resource. Their intention was “to trade for gold and spices, but the voyagers found another even more valuable commodity —human beings.”(Gilder Lehrman). Following on, most Europeans who were trading discovered that people were a good source of production because of their physical abilities. Later on, Europeans took it to the extreme where it came to a point that dehumanizing and seeing these groups of people as property became normal. The Native Indians and Africans suffered an immense amount of pain, whereas the Europeans
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The Indigenous people of the Americas were enslaved in big numbers. Without any form of slavery, as Gilder Lehrman states on their essay, “European colonization would have remained extremely limited in the New World.” The Native Indians suffered from diseases that the Europeans have brought where the Indians had no immunity from, to depriving their own land. The Europeans had enslaved them to reach a goal, and that goal was to take away their land to claim