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In present day life, we tend to neglect how great of an influence ancient Europeans had and continue to have on our lives. From navigation and language, to art and every day culture, Europeans were able to command their ways and beliefs onto African and American soil during European colonization. When three ties crossed between Europe, Africa, and the new found Americas in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Europeans prevailed solely because they excelled in areas such as political organization, capitalist orientation that came second nature to the Europeans, and the technological superiority that the Europeans were able to maintain over America, Africa, and the remainder of the world for that matter. Though there was an abounding amount of factors besides the three I have provided, the primary focus of this paper is to demonstrate how the Europeans were able to dominate beyond the American and African attempts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries through political organization, capitalist orientation, and technological superiority. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, ordinarily, a country or tribe of peoples who lived as hunters and gatherers tended to migrate more, trailing herds of animals to maintain a sufficient supply of meats and tools. Hunters and gatherers conduced to moving with the season; never abiding to one area for lengthy periods at a time. These were typically the ways of early North Americans or “Indians.” To reiterate, Hunters and gatherers tended to migrate more than the substantial farmer. The more you move, the less you have, and if you have a low supply of things, there is no need for “rules.” Thus being infinitely mobile, it was unnecessary for early Americans to formulate any type of system or political organization. In Africa and Europe on the other hand, the lands were blooming with natural resources, enabling a stable living situation. Africans and Europeans were able to remain in a single area and maintain a balanced life-style through farming and crop growing. Customarily, in Africa during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, we notice an up-rising of different rules and systems in various tribes. Hence giving Europeans and Africans an advantage over contemporary America. When considering European domination in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, you can’t help but to think about how much aid the Europeans received. Whether it be physical labor (forced and unforced), coats from animals, or an active role in trade, the Europeans were exceptional when considering capital orientation. For example, in Figure thirteen, the illustration “Cortes as Kingmaker,” really exemplifies how the Spanish used certain Native American tribes to help them defeat the most powerful Native American groups. The discovery of America brought upon a revival in the studies of maps and navigation in Europe. Europeans were able to maintain an advantage over the remainder of the world by prolonging their spot in technological superiority. European navigators such as Juan De La Cosa played a principal role in bringing about new technological innovations. Juan De La Cosa was a Spanish navigator who designed the earliest European…