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Differentiation Framework

Throughout our lesson we have learned about people decisions and how many different important factors play a part in becoming a successful manager. Understanding how to make strategic decisions and how its importance to a company is crucial, in order for growth and success to be produced. An important factor in a company success is having in the right people in the right positions.
Differentiation is a way to manage people and businesses. Differentiation can be used as a management system to determine the right people and business strategies that will transform a company to be exceptional. Although, differentiation is a unique approach, it will separate the strong from the weak bottom performing
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I would develop the criteria; next I would apply criteria to all positions. I then would list all positions by categories A,B,C designation and assess all employees in positions. Last, I would determine the percentage of A,B,C players in all positions. This will show which jobs have the greatest strategic impact. I would assess the position based on performance. I want to make sure all positions have well defined objective and expectations. Once that is in place, I can focus on getting the right players in the right position. I would use the framework of 20-70-10 which is categories based on performance. I would use this framework because it is a simple format. It would differentiate employees by placing the top performing best players in the 20 percent category. The next category is the middle 70 percent would consist of the majority of the employees with potential to grow with proper training. The last category is the bottom 10 percent and they are the one that refuse to meet expectations, perform low and must be terminated.

3.Discuss the values, cultural elements, and organizational processes need to be in place for differentiation of employees to be equitable and productive. There a many processes that needs to be in place for differentiation of employees to be equitable and productive. According to Welch, the first day must begin with honesty and a candid appraisal system must be in place. People