Digital Marketing Case Study

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A Babson College and Baruch College sponsored report by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) found that 27 million working age Americans have started or are already operating a new business. This is an impressive record in a developed country where finding job with an employer is easier and more rewarding than attempts to capture market share through a new venture.
Another study – the Global Entrepreneurship Report by Amway surveyed the entrepreneurial attitudes of 26000 people in 24 countries. This revealed 3 important factors in the United States. Firstly, even after the economic depression of 2008, Americans see their country as ‘friendly’ for entrepreneurship, more than what people from other 23 countries felt about theirs.
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Taking note of the digital transformation and the ever-evolving digital landscape, marketers in all 3 countries agreed that a stronger digital focus was critical to their organization.
Digital marketing challenges for small and medium sized enterprises
All businesses do face challenges in marketing their brand effectively. While some do not have access to the right talent, others have problems in coping up with the constantly evolving digital technology.
Here’s a brief mention of the major roadblocks that SMEs need to overcome as they traverse their way to success in business:
 Setting the apt digital marketing strategy: It has been observed that most businesses fumble at this step – deciding upon the correct digital marketing goal. What should be the layout of their website? How to work on e-mail marketing? Which social media platforms to choose for their brand presence? What steps should they take to be visible in Google search
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They have access to professional services – such as web hosting companies, content management systems and search engine optimization services – and these claim to provide customized help but such elements are actually just pieces to a bigger picture. What the business needs is to put them all together in the right places as a framework for enhancing their business presence. Digital marketing must help a brand in standing out in its industry. It must help to accelerate demand for the offerings of that business.
To meet the challenges of digital marketing, the first step is to define the purpose of your business website that will be the prime tool of this marketing strategy. Websites can be broadly categorized as:
- Active Marketing Portals: It’s a standard marketing website that encompasses marketing tools such as landing pages, data collection forms, web advertisements, integrated social media tools and email marketing.
- Business Transaction Portals: A business transaction website can include the attributes of an active marketing portal but it generally also includes e-commerce functionality, an integrated database or a blend of