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Demonstrative Communication
Stephanie Mummert
May 18, 2014
Professor Rhonda Cottingham

Demonstrative Communication

Even though the preferred communication between most adults is verbal there are other ways of communication that are somewhat unspoken. One of the most common would be the use of non-verbal communication. This non-verbal communication that we are talking about is the unspoken words we use that are often demonstrated via eye contact, non eye contact, hand and gestures, as well as our posture.

Try to recall the last time that you watched a speaker at a conference or merely a co-worker presenting something at work. Did you notice if they used their hands during the presentation? Did you notice if they made eye contact with you or anyone during this time? Did you notice if they had confidence or lacked confidence in the topic they were presenting? Did they convince you that they had a product you needed or did they cover all the information in their speech to persuade you to use a product? Answers to these questions can say a lot about their process of communication.

Many times you will notice that they will make direct eye contact with you or they will have a select few in the audience that they choose to make eye contact. During this eye contact whether it is directed at you or someone else you can see from looking at their eyes if they are relaxed, and seem comfortable and confident in their words. Generally during this eye contact you can also tell if they seem to be a bit nervous or unsure. If they can’t make eye contact and are looking around the room, at the ceiling or at the floor this non eye contact is a direct display of that person not being confident in what they are presenting to you. It can also