Essay on Divorce: Divorce and Married Couples

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Dai, Phan


Do you know that there are a million of people who get divorced each year all over the world? This amount is significantly rising every year under the impact of many reasons. According to the meticulous research over the years, “approximately one-quarter of married couples got divorce, and up to half of them had almost broken up or ever thought about divorce” 1. (MD org/2011). Society hasn’t paid enough attention to divorce because people thought divorce is an individual issue, “people have right to do what they like and society should not care too much”. Of course they have a point, even though they don’t see divorce extremely damaged to families, and become one of the most unsolved global issues? Child’s psychological trauma and divorcee’s unbalance life are the results of a marriage that is too soon as well as too busy.

Children who are suffering mental injuries from their parent’s divorce are one of reasons of teenager criminal. A child spends very first 15 years with his/her parent. Obviously, Children’s mindset is starting to learn at age, so their parents always do right things to tend a child to behavior nicely. Thus, children will feel disappointed and distrusted about life as well as love when their family is broken unannounced. They can’t see discord and frustration that have truly existed but hidden by adults. As a result, they aren’t able to believe in the positive sides of life and obviously accept negative actions as what it’s happened to their family.

Divorce also has a serious harm for the stability of life to couples. Truly, parents are suffering severely from divorce too. Temporarily bypass their emotion, but their track of life totally mess up after a divorce. Financial problems, child taking over, home changing or society and family’s attention are some of the first things people roughly feel sick of dealing with as soon as they get divorced. There are not rarely situations people collapsed completely. Some men turn to anger and violence, others to drugs and alcohol because they barely communicate these kinds of things to family or friends, looking for a sharing. Similarly, women crazily aim at shopping and eating to get rid of sorrow.

After all of that, the effects of divorce is obviously seen by lot of people, but not everyone knows why a marriage; the most wonderful thing in the world at first turned to the nightmare of married couples. That due to a rush marriage while couples are still young and some of them can’t control their time for work and family.

People make decision hastily to get married when both of them don’t really understand each other well or they are still too young. According to recent research about “Age at marriage for those who divorce in America”; about 30 percent for the age under 20, and up to 40 percent for the age from 20 to 24 which is the highest area” 2. ( It is not surprising because young couples are uninterested to plan about how to progress through life before they married. Usually, people don’t have jobs that earning waging enough to support their life or even they are still students at that age. Therefore, they have difficult financial problems to maintain living costs not only one, but two. Some of them have successful married because of sacrificing their satisfy for teamwork, not just individual. However, a giant amount of the rest had failed pathetically,