Examine The Ways In Which State Policies/Laws May Affect Family Life?

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Examine the ways in which state policies/ laws may affect family life?
There are many laws that have been introduced but I am going to pick out 5 different laws and right about what it is and why it affects different kinds of families. The five laws that I have chosen are: Reproductive technology- IVF, Contraception, Marriage, Divorce and Divorce Reform Act and Paternity Leave.
The first law that I chose is reproductive technology- IVF. IVF is basically women who can’t have a baby. IVF costs a lot of money and this is why people have to either think about it if they want to do IVF or not. Sometimes IVF work and sometimes it doesn’t. You can do IVF in other countries but it is up to the husband and wife to think about. IVF takes a lot of time and the equipment for it is expensive- that is why they cost a lot of money. The reason why the law affects families is because they can choose whether or not they want IVF. Governments might change the law in a way most people will take IVF, if they can reduce the costs and make it more effective so that they can have a child.
The second law that I chose is Contraception. Contraception is basically condoms where you can use condoms to have safer sex so that you don’t get pregnant. During the times, contraception has been effective over the years and people rely on using condoms. The reason why it affects the families is because you won’t get pregnant when you are using the condom. You can choose whether it is the right time for both married couples to have a baby or not. Using a condom changes the lifestyle so basically you can rely on it. Using a condom helps women getting an abortion or getting pregnant when they least expect it.
The third law that I chose is marriage. Marriage has become effective and couples who are in a relationship choose whether they want to get married in the right time or wait until they are mature (i.e. taking responsibilities for their own actions). Most people want to get married but it depends on whether they agree or not. Marriage is a big step in life because whoever you’re with, they are part of your life and living in your life. The reason why it affects the family is because the generation carries on- husband and wife getting married and then having kids. It helps the government because couples are getting married and therefore they can have kids.
The fourth law that I chose is divorce and Divorce Reform Act. Divorce is basically two married couples having problems together and there for having a divorce which means separation between them two. The reasons of divorces are lead to domestic violence, adult cruelty (cheating on your husband or wife). There were different divorce reform acts which stated how many years after you are married can have a divorce. Divorce laws changed due to people fighting and arguing against each other. Over the years, divorce has been