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Effects of Divorce in Children
Divorce in today’s society is very common thing for people nowadays. Approximately less percentage of people stay married. However, are the people who are divorced have a greater risk for children? The possible consequences of divorce for children can be greater risks for many kinds of problems but also some children may not experience serious problems. The three main things that can effect on children in a bad way are, their children may become more aggressive and start slacking school, do drugs and the love for their parents will decrease. In addition, divorce can have a positive impact on the children also. They will not do the same mistake as their parents did in life that caused them to divorce. They will concentrate more on their education and become more mature as they grow up.
Firstly, sometimes having to get a divorce can impact on children positively. According to Jayna Sonlinger, getting divorce is better for children sometimes than tolerating their parents. She states that “When one parent is abusive, whether verbal, physical, or sexual, to the children, it is more beneficial to the child if the parent leaves”. For instance, when my boyfriend was ten years old, his parents got divorced because his dad was having a affair with another lady and used to get drunk in the house at all the times. He used to feel helpless for his mom and distressed in the house. Additionally, his mom used to get abused in the house badly. However, the divorce had not impacted my boyfriend badly. He promised himself he will not drink and will take a time to think twice before getting marriage. Moreover, he stays with his mom now and he is glad that his mom made a right decision for herself and her son benefits. Furthermore, as for Jennifer, another positive impact of getting divorced on children by “gaining maturity more rapidly when they go through the experience of a divorce”. For example, everyone is not alike as others, some take time to become matured in life and some don’t want to become matured because they still want to remain in their childhood and they think its fun. However, some want to get matured and become serious in life. Secondly, getting divorced can impact badly on their children. They can also become abusive as they see their parents being abused to each other. They may become depressed, do illegal things, etc. Additionally, according to Lesley Foulkes, parents might think getting divorced may help their children in