Family Stress Effects On Family

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After reading these two chapters, I learned a lot about the stress is causes on family members. No family realizes it until they experience it first-hand and the strain that it causes. Going through this experience is characterized by multiple stressors, and it is known “as the single most stressful life experience than other major stressors such as job change, unemployment, chronic illness, or widowhood” (Demo&Fine, pg. 1). Divorce is never easy, especially when you have children involved. If the divorce is messy and ugly, it affects the children more than people might think because they hear and see everything going on. To me, it is so terrible that divorce is so common in America today and that half of married individuals will eventually divorce their spouse some port in time in their …show more content…
Women are the ones who see the problems happening and are the ones thinking about divorce and will file for divorce. Men, are the complete opposite and struggle with divorce, unlike women who accept the end of their marriage in the end. I never knew much about risk and protective factors, but it is neat to see how it plays out in a divorce process. All the negative things that are happening is when the protective factors come in to help buffer out all the risk factors. Protective factors are a great thing to have during this process and find those factors. Even during the hardship, parents still have to protect their children through this process because it affects them more seeing their family falling apart. For example, protective factors for the children and parent would be counseling, family resources, family involvement (Demo&Fine pg.21). These are all protective factors that will outweigh the risk