Do Cameras Belong In The Classroom?

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In the texts of “Private Eyes,” written by Daryl Hall and John Oates, and “Do Cameras Belong in the Classroom?” written by Indira Olvera, there will be some similarities and differences from both of these texts. The essay and the song are both discussing the invasion of privacy the cameras would give. Although their context may share some similarities, their differences are very distinguished from one another. The essay agrees with cameras in the classroom, whereas the lyrics describe how constantly the cameras are monitoring the students. The essay will explain some difficult situations and try to find solutions towards them and the song just believes it’s a recurring feeling of being watched. A close examination of the way the essay explains some advantages and disadvantages and the how lyrics of the song are repeating the same …show more content…
The essay explains how installing cameras might enhance the abilities of the students and many more things. The text gives an explanation of how the cameras may improve the classroom environment. The song, “Private Eyes,” by Hall and Oates has the same lyric “...they’re watching you..” repeating as a constant reminder that another set of eyes are observing you. As the reader can notice both of the documents lay out the negative side of having installed cameras in the classroom, while the essay elaborates solutions for the problem.
One of the few differences that both of these contexts have is, in which the way they have differentiated opinions. In the essay, it talks about how cameras are able to change the environment abilities. Meanwhile, the song talks how they are invading your privacy due to them always observing. “You can’t escape my private eyes,” is one of the many lyrics that make you feel like you’re under observation. They each have a different opinion about the installed cameras in the