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Do science and nature go hand in hand? Agree or disagree?
The guardian is running a series of special features and science, you have been asked to write an article between 800-1000 words in which you argue do science and nature go hand in hand?
Ask yourself. Should science and nature combine together or should it not be allowed at all? Okay so genetic engineering is one of the many evil things in our society. But some people believe that it’s good to some extent for plants and for animals, as it means that we can ensure better quality produce and livestock. Some believe that it may save lives or some believe that it is a safer source for human medicine. Also some people believe that it can make chemicals more eco-friendly.
As for generic engineering, I am 100% against it. And this is where I say we draw the line! Why? First off, it’s an attempt to emulate Adolf Hitler. It is not up for us to decide what desirable trait is and what is not. Not everyone needs blonde hair and blue eyes and porcelain skin. There are also so many other disadvantages about genetic engineering, it can kill animals over time if we are not careful. It could also spread many other diseases over time.
And if say we’re talking about eliminating genetic diseases, think for a minute; the disabled people happened to be at the very top of Adolf Hitler’s list as well. Why should we manipulate the natural selection, why should we go along with it? As first as you decide human or not, inferior and doesn’t count then you inflict pain or death on that creature, presumably with a clear conscience.
Another story in relation to this topic is that I came across an article under the title of “genetically modified monkeys created with cut-and-paste DNA” writ by a science correspondent named Ian Sample. He was talking mainly about British Scientists that are currently seeking approval to create embryos by fusing human cells with animal eggs in controversial research, which ‘apparently ‘increases stem diseases. But there already is gene therapy, which is basically that. However one of the side effects is a big increase in your chances of developing cancer due to the inaccuracies of the treatment.
In relation to the same argument here I find it so wrong and depressing. Primates have been infected by multiple diseases such as, Hep C and Aids, but their organisms are two different from ours to have relevance to treating the diseases in humans. I saw horrible videos of chimps in cages on YouTube and how they were being driven psychotic by being subjected over and over again to all kinds of Dr. Frankenstein experiments, such as unnecessary surgeries. These surgeries are given but afterwards the animal receives no painkillers at all. It so tragic in my opinion, that it makes me want to cry. These are the cases