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The article explains the difficulties and complexities involving making an ethical decision. “The incident made me reflect on how things can seem so black and white when you’re outside a situation, and yet so difficult when you’re entangled in it. How do we find a framework for addressing ethical issues in our everyday lives”?
This is interesting to me mainly because in my every day life the most difficult ones I seem to ponder about is always the ethical issues. When you’re outside looking in you tend to have a different point of view rather than when you are the subject matter (hits closer to home).I can remember on numerous of occasions where I came down hard on my friends about their ethics and the decisions they have made but when I am actually faced with the similar fate I have no idea if I made the right ethical choose or not. Therefore I agree with this point of view.
The article also gives details on the guidelines of ethics where the author gives evidence in using quotes from others and how individuals determine when and if they are acting ethically. Judy Nadler, a senior fellow in government ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Focused on firstly identifying what’s important to know what ethics is not about. They’re not just following the law. Laws can become ethically corrupt, and there are things strictly allowed by law that we would consider unethical, like some of the activity on Wall Street that led to the financial crisis, Ms. Nadler said, “I always say the law is the floor, not the ceiling.” “In a moral dilemma, you want to be ruthlessly realistic with yourself and start developing an exit strategy”
It is hard when you are placed in an ethical dilemma the author made reference to that by giving and anecdote of that of his father and the situation he encountered. Years after the situation he still struggled with his choice, “should have talked about his ethical qualms”. Thus I believe in making a decision choose an option that you can live with and not years from now you’re still left wondering if you made the right choice.
“I think people have a great deal of difficulty being honest and straightforward,” Professor Dwyer said. I agree with this point; honesty nowadays is rare and in truth people lack the ability to speak honestly base on their moral principles, level of interest in the situation and their background. Professor White also acknowledged a hard truth: It’s easier to have higher ethical standards in good economic times than bad.
I also like how the article leads up to the end where the question he was asked about over the years concerned a “duty to report.” If you find out information about another …Do you tell? Also the ending phrase As Mr. Cohen said: “We can’t ask people to be perfect. But we can ask them to strive to be good.” This I strongly agree with .Nobody is perfect we all are perfectly flaw but what we as humans who are intellectually higher creatures should try and make good decisions we