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A Long Way Down The night is shadowy, the only source of light is the stars. My friends and I were hanging out and relaxing on top of the our condominium, playing some poker, drinking beers and listening to music. Strangely, my car was parked on the roof of our ten story condominium but I could not recall on how it got there. My friend then asked me to grab his cell phone from my car as he needs to call his girlfriend and say goodnight before she went off to bed, all the other guys began to laugh at him but I understood him and went to my car to grab his phone. I took out my keys and opened the car door and reached over for his cell phone, then suddenly my car begin to roll. I reached for the handbrake and pulled it as hard as possible but the car continued to roll. As swiftly as possible, I tried the gears next. I slammed the car into reverse praying that the car would stop rolling but as I feared, it kept going and would not stop. The adrenaline was intensifying and I began to fright. Trying to save my beloved car, I jumped into the passenger seat and continued to slam the reverse but all hope was lost. The car continued progressing toward the very edge of the ten story building, I tried pushing all my body weight to one side but it was not doing any good! I began to shout and yell at my friends for help but they could not perceive sound from me, it was like the car and I were imperceptible. We were lost in the dark.

Analysis From the very first moment I woke up from my dream, I knew what it was about and what it was trying to tell me. The first significant symbol in my dream was the image of myself spending time with my friends on the rooftop however girlfriend was nowhere in sight. The past month has been difficult for my girlfriend and I. We have been going through a rough path in our