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Drink Responsibly The first time i entered Mr.Leaneagh class i thought another year about writing about different topics and just moving to another, but this year it was different. He told us that this year we are just going to write on big paper and that was a research paper.To make this even better it was an essay on anything about food! I've would have never thought that i would have to be writing a research paper on food, so the thinking began. I wanted to choose an item that i can too from me consuming it everyday. The first thing that came to mind was rice and juice.I choose none of those. I decided to search about protein powder and the long term affects. I choose this because its something that i use everyday. Im not saying I'm the fittest guy but i like to watch i consume. So it has come to me that i have never looked into these drinks.So let the research begin. The first place i began my research was the gym,or the smoothie bar to be exact.There i picked up a brochure that had all their products and below the names where some of the main ingredients but nothing specific. I had to get to a lot more research to do after looking at articles and articles i decided to go further into my topic ,so i decided to do it on the long term affects on it. This topic has had me very interested in it ever since i thought about it. I believe i will continue to find out more about the long term affects. It's something I can relate to due to the fact that I am a person that is…