Essay on Puppy Commercial

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Miguel Chavez
Dr. Bethany Lee
English 102
8 February 2015
Rhetorical Analysis Companies advertise, whether it’s television ad, radio ad, or publication ad. Companies use advertisement to reach one goal and that common goal is to persuade consumers like me to purchase their product. Whether the advertisement is sentimental or comical, consumers are intrigue and curious with the advertisement that they end up purchasing a product the company advertise. Almost everyone loves puppies. They symbolize warmth, comfort, and friendship. Budweiser did an amazing job incorporating a puppy into their commercial. The commercial opens up with a young man who recently brought a puppy into his life. As the commercial progresses so does the friendship with the young man and his puppy, which is no longer a puppy it is now a full grown healthy dog. Both the man and his dog take part of many activities with each other: playing catch, sleeping and cuddling up with one another, going on casual drives, going to the lake for a swim, and lastly warming up by a fire pit. The love with the man and his dog deeply increases. One day the man decided to hang out with some friend and go out for some drinks leaving his dog alone inside the empty house. The dog waits and waits and continues to wait by the entrance door weeping for his owner to return home. Finally when the owner returns home the next day the dog began to lick his owner and jumping on him expressing happiness and excitement. Finally, the commercial ends with a statement “for some, the waiting never ended, but we can change that. Make a plan to make it home. Your friends are counting on you.”
Enjoy responsibility is Budweiser’s motto and the commercial definitely portrays it. The commercial displays a man and his beloved dog. Their relationship throughout the commercials definitely shows why dogs are consider man’s best friend. Budweiser is famous for presenting puppies into their commercials. Almost everyone love puppies and it’s a genius move by Budweiser on how they’ve been constructing their famous commercials. Budweiser “friends are waiting’ commercial was trying to inform people who enjoy consuming alcoholic beverages the importance of drinking responsible. The man in the commercial brought a puppy into his life and their relationship grew as they spent time together. People will bring someone new into their lives whether it’s a pet animal, a new born baby, or simply a