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Have you ever seen or heard something that irritated you so bad you just wanted to go insane? I’m sure we all can agree that there are certain things that aggravate us beyond belief. Well this is called a pet peeve, a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or herself, to a greater degree than others may find it. Many things irritate me however there are two things that really work my nerves, which are child temper tantrums in public and driving etiquettes. Often times when I’m running errands, riding the train, shopping, or at work I experience some of the most extreme child temper tantrums in public. One time, while shopping at TJMaxx, a three-year-old boy decided to have an outburst right at the cash register beside his mother. For whatever reason the toddler started crying, which lead to screaming, that turned into him throwing his body onto the fall and rolling around. Not only did he create a scene in the department store, he held up the line that started to form behind his mother that I happened to be standing in. Instead of calming her child down, his mother decided to walk away leaving the toddler at the register expecting him to chase after her, which he did not. Along with the annoyingly emphatic cries, what was irritating to me is the attention that was brought onto the temper tantrum child by strangers that only encouraged the toddler to continue to act insane. In this situation my time was wasted waiting in line while the mother of this child could have been more responsible by preventing her child from creating a scene. However, the annoyance I have against child temper tantrums in public is completely nothing compared to my anger against driving etiquette. Before receiving my driver’s licenses I was a passenger seat driver who often had road rage. Now that I’m a licensed driver I experience road rage more frequently than ever, in fact almost every time I get behind the wheel. The