EHR System: A Case Study

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The intent of this paper is to discuss the process of implementing an EHR system, its challenges and meeting the goals set by a healthcare organization. “D.W McMillan Memorial Hospital in Brewton, Alabama is a small 49-bed rural hospital with eight-bed ICU, 24-hour emergency room, and general medical, surgical and obstetrical units”.
Already knowing that implementing an EHR system is a daunting process and being a small rural hospital will have its own challenges as compared to large urban hospitals in terms of smaller budget and access to advanced technologies available in rural towns. With that in mind and combined with mission statement to strive for quality of care, the hospital decided to move forward with implementing their EHR system in October 2012. They were aware that with their limited staff they didn’t have sufficient manpower to handle a full implementation of EHRs all at once, thus decided to follow a phased approach to implement their EHR.
The hospital initiated the implementation process by building a management team to discuss the scope of EHR in their organization and planning the steps for a successful project. Thereafter, an IT committee was formed by selecting different field managers to guide the organization through an
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Their approach of adopting in phases not only minimized the disruption that can occur from a change in an existing workplace but can also apply lessons learned in future implementations. Size does not matter if well-considered phased approach that is driven by a team that consists of core dedicated members offering assistance and training to other staff members at all instance, is an advantage in accomplishing a successful implementation of