Early Childhood Classroom Observation

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My observation was completed at Monrovia Preschool, in Monrovia California. There were 10 children in the classroom when I arrived. The ages are 3-5 years old. I arrived at 12:30pm, right before the children’s naps began. Ms. Castro is my mentor teacher and she instructing the children to go potty, to wash their hands and faces, and grab a book and go to their mats. All the children took direction well, and for the most part the transition went smoothly other than 1 child who was cranky and didn’t want to follow direction. I observed another teacher Ms. Rio’s attend to the child who wasn’t following directions, got her to lie down and she began to pat her back until she fell asleep; which took about 10 minutes. The time it took for the children to settle down and actually fall asleep was about 30 minutes. This gave me about 30 minutes to ask questions and observe the classroom. …show more content…
However, when I asked Ms. Rios about the art work, she told me that the ages varied from piece to piece. You see a perfect rainbow, and it was created by Camryn who is 5 years old who just leaned about rainbows and the colors of it. You have also a rainbow that’s jagged and the colors are intermingled, that is the art work of Jackson who is 2 years old. There was also Shamrocks on the wall of the classroom. Each shamrock was correct in the shape but the color details were different and the amount of gold glitter varied. Ms. Rios informed me that some of the older children cut out the Shamrocks, while the younger children where guided on cutting out the shape. She also told me that she used cosmetic sponges that were attached to close pins that were used instead of paint brushes, and that she used green and white paint to show the children that mixing color dark green and white can turn into lighter