Eating and Healthy Body Weight Essay examples

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1 page summary: by Anna Barker and Kassidy Gallina

What is anorexia: is a condition where someone is constantly going on extreme diets. It is a state of starvation where, someone tries losing more than normal, healthy body weight.

How does it affect the body: People who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa severely restrict the amount of calories they consume, which means the body is not getting any fuel. The body then goes into starvation mode, slowing down all bodily processes. Eventually, it will begin to consume itself, leading to organ and bone loss. The bones suffer first, when the harm from anorexia get to the bones it is irreversible.
How it’s treated: people who suffer from anorexia should be hospitalized, to restore a healthy balanced weight and eating habits. Usually family can help with the process, people who you can trust, someone to support you.
Special precautions: stress relief should be attained, prevent addiction to food, take control of your eating habits and behavior, do not skip meals, and join support groups.
Cause: anorexia can be cause by many different factors, like a traumatic experience, or if someone feels a lack of control in their life; they may turn to something they can control like their intake of food.
Signs and symptoms: an intense fear of gaining weight, restricting their food intake to an extreme, or refuses to eat with anyone whether it is family or friends. Physical signs are that someone doesn’t get their period, low blood