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Ebola vs Black Death Ebola is a deadly virus, doctors are trying to find a cure for it. “Ebola has taken up to as many as 90% of those it has infected in past outbreaks.” To become infected, you generally need to spend extended time with someone who is gravely ill and come into contact with his or her body fluids. You can also get it threw the breaks of your skin, it is a very unhealthy diease to have. Ebola is also spreaded threw sliva and openings of the skin. The care given with no drugs or vaccines approved for Ebola, patients are given supportive care to help their immune systems to fight off the virus. Such as fluids for dehydration, medicine for fever, antibiotics for infections, maintain blood pressure, oxygen as needed, replace lost blood. People believe the Black Death is effected by sheep, goat, cow, and pigs. It was also believed to be spread by eyes of a sick person with the diease. People also believe that sitting in rosewater or vinegar may help cure the diease. Many of the nursery songs in today world was based upon Black Death one of the many is “Ring Around The Rosie.” When they find out that you have it you are pretty much isolated until you pass away. They also believe that the cause of this diease is Gods punishnment. Both viruses cause people to die it is very deadly, when I say it is v deadly few people with this diease come out alive. It is also very unsanitary, people with this diease go threw anywhere from a fever, or headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea and it can also puncture blood vessels to cause internal bleeding. These are not good things to have period the death rate of people with Ebola is 55%. Back in Black Death more than 20 million people in Europe almost one third of the continent’s population will be killed. Today they know that the bacillus travels from person to person or threw the air as…