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Sustainable Home

At Jetson Green the mission is to enhance homes (and the lives of people in them) with beautiful design, smart construction, resource conservation, energy efficiency, water savings, healthy air, green technology, and renewable energy. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Based on standards developed by the US Green Building Council, LEED is the leading system for rating green buildings. This program evaluates the environmental impact of every element of a project, from design to maintenance. Qualifying projects are rated LEED Certified, LEED Silver, LEED Gold, or the highest level, LEED Platinum. ECO is certified LEED Platinum under the LEED for Homes program, meeting the highest standards in categories including: Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, Sustainable Site, Water Efficiency, Materials and Resources and Innovation in Design. The first completed European LEED Platinum home received its first high rating. Located in Montebelluna, a small town near Venice Italy. Being named BioCasa82 was designed by an Italian firm Rosario Picciotto Architects and constructed by Welldom, a company that specializes in green buildings. The LEED Platinum for homes rating is very rare. The home scored 117 out of 136 points in the LEED testing, which the architects believe is due to its rural location. This project addresses sustainable ideas by being built from 99% recyclable materials. By that being if the home was ever to be demolished, it would not end up in a landfill and cause pollution. Another sustainable idea is, the materials used to build the home are all FSC Certified wood, imported from Germany. A natural silicate plaster is also used within the LEED home to protect against pollution, acid rain, carbonation, mold/algae without flaking, peeling or forming bubbles. It is resistant to UV light, which produces no smoke or fumes. It is a natural mineral paint and are environmentally friends made from 100% sustainable green products. Being that the LEED home is sustainable, the location makes it an even better candidate for the green environment. Being segregated from all of the pollution of business buildings and cars the home is built in a small town near Venice Italy. The home is a two-story private residence, that measures 5,209 square feet. I would say that is a pretty big sustainable home. The location of this home is around an all green and clean atmosphere allowing it to be environmentally friendly. Being accommodated by renewable sources the home gets about 100% energy. Having a photovoltaic rooftop array, that gives 14kWh of electricity, along with an efficient geothermal heat pump system. This takes care of the heating, cooling and hot water that is needed to be used. This allows the home to consume less than 30 kW per square meter of energy per year. A rainwater catchment system is built, that provides 100% of the household and irrigation water needs. This allows sustainable rainwater harvesting to happen in order to help solve potable, non-potable, storm water and energy saving. Harvesting rainwater gives you access to a clean and a plentiful supply of water. Since water is a very big importance in daily living, having a rainwater catchment system helps reduce pollution in rivers and streams. This project addresses sustainable ideas by being built from 99% recyclable materials. By that being if the home was ever to be demolished, it would not end up in a landfill and cause pollution. Analysis provides that the home’s harmful emissions are 60 percent lower than those of a traditional building as calculated for a lifetime of 100 years. This beautiful home provides many sustainable features like large windows, that allow plenty of daylight to come in to