Economy: Cooking and Sauce Essay

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Zach Lovelady
Mr. Fox
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7 November 2013
Alfredo Alla Scrofa Many people fall in love with the Italian’s style of cooking every year as it travels across the world. Pasta is one of the main ingredients in the Italians pantry of food. Most people would not eat just the pasta noodles by themselves because the pasta noodles are tasteless without the sauce so that is why Alfredo sauce is added in along with the pasta. Not everyone knows how to make Fettuccine Alfredo but in reality, it is quick and easy. To make this dish, the materials may vary but these are the ones that are mostly commonly used. Starting out is the ingredient that makes up about 90% of the dish, which is approximately 18 ounces of fresh fettuccine pasta. These will be the noodles of used in the meal or any pasta could be used. Moving on to the sauce, 2 ½ cups of heavy cream will be used in the mixture of the sauce. Adding to the cream, ½ cup fresh lemon juice. Adding to the lemon juice, 12 tablespoons of unsalted butter. This makes up pretty much of the sauce so then add some extras to make the sauce better: 2 cups of grated parmesan, 2 teaspoons of grated lemon zest, pinch of grated nutmeg, 2 tablespoons of salt and freshly ground white pepper. The materials needed for the cooking; a pot to fit all the pasta in and water to cover it, a large skillet to mix all the sauces together, heat them up so they will saturate and mix and, a spoon to stir the sauces. A measuring cup for the needed measurements of the ingredients. A tablespoon and a teaspoon, also for the assorted measurements of ingredients. Along with all of these, an all-clad pasta ladle. And a strainer for the pasta after it is done cooking. With all the ingredients to make the meal desired; time to cook. No one ever wants to eat hard pasta noodles with your Alfredo or with your spaghetti, so fill the big pot with enough water to cover the pasta. Put this pot on the stove over heat to boil the water, also add the two tablespoons of salt and cover the pasta. Over time, occasionally stir with the all-clad pasta ladle. Boiling the water makes the noodles more edible and makes it easier to proportion out and fed to guests. Adding the salt keeps the noodles from sticking together and gives then a more malleable form to move around. This also allows the sauce to stick better to the noodles and the sauce would not just run of the noodle, but if you get to much the salt will actually affect the meal and it will be too salty and it will be bad. Covering the pot keeps the steam from the boiling water to stay inside the pot and this adds another way for the water to get inside of the noodles as the steam needs somewhere to go. Stirring it occasionally keeps the pasta from sticking to the bottom and burning, also keeping the pasta moving around in the hot water. While all of this is cooking, start on the sauce. Get the large skillet and put it on an open burner on the stove. Turn the heat on low, so that it will keep the base of the sauce warm but will not be scorching hot. Stir the