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Xochilt Chavez
Prof. Poll

Part One:

Part two: Interview
1. When did your ancestors come here? They came here when they where younger so my mother told me and then moved back to mexico.
2. What process did they take to make that journey? Back then it was not hard to get to California she told me that they made sure to be us citizen but back then it was never hard not like how it is now.
3. What do you consider to be your culture? What I consider to be my culture is constantly spending time with my family also I am catholic and that is really a part of my culture mostly the Mexican culture. Sticking to the traditional Mexican culture growing up being catholic is all I knew and that its how my parents grew up, got married in a catholic church and that is what I did as well.
4. When did you first become aware of your culture? I became aware of my culture when I was in catechism my brothers took it and they did one more class in which I do not remember what it is called but you need to take it before you get married. I also think when I became aware of my culture when I was fluent in Spanish and English and realized that being Mexican, it is my race and makes me who I am.
5. What do you value about your culture? What I value you is how family oriented we are. WE are always connected with each other and if I need anything any of my family members are there for me.
6. What does it mean to you to be an American? What it means to be an American is being able to be free and be able to speak up about certain situation which I like that. I look back and think what if I was not an American citizen and I came to this country to have a better life it would be different but thankfully that I am, making sure to have that better life for me and my kids.
7. What does citizenship mean to you? It means to live a better life and not take advantage of what I have because it Mexico having nothing you cherish the little things your parents were able to give you and you don’t take advantage of anything.
8. How would you describe yourself and your personal values about others who are in any way different from you? I would describe myself as a go getter I am dedicated to what I do and I make sure to work hard every day so my kids can have a better life every day. I make sure not judge other people if they have different values then what I do then that is fine I have nothing against that and I think nobody should judge another person who are different. We all lived a specific life for a reason and that is how GOD chose our life.
9. What effects might cultural diversity have in the classroom? I think the effects is having all the children understand that we are all different and we are raised differently but making sure they understand