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Unit 5 Continuing personal and professional development
Task 1

Within this assessment I will analyze my reflective practice to continuing my professional development, give some examples of how I have used this approach during the programme and identify some of my future professional development needs and draw up an action plan to implement some of these development needs.

Reflective practice is to evaluate my own practice and identify from the evaluation what my continuing professional development needs are. Reflection on my teaching helps me develop my own practice and to share good practice with others. To reflect on what, why and how we do things and then develop our practice is building a quality that leads to the makings of a good teacher. Whilst using my current curriculum vitae, job description, peer review and observation reports I will then discover my strengths and weakness within my teaching role. This will then help support me with future personal and professional development. I am currently a grade 6 Lecturer in the hair department.

The first example I would like to investigate is Lesson observation Appendix A
Being observed during my teaching identified my strengths and weaknesses this enabled me to develop future lessons. Throughout the feedback that I received the strengths identified were in-depth subject knowledge , that I was organised and had thoroughly planned the sessions and that there were clear links to previous and future learning, good support and rapport with students. As a result the learner outcomes were high and students were clearly enjoying the process. The profile was clear and showed equality and diversity although I did not use this to explain and show on my lesson plan, why the attendance for this class was below average. Although each students diversity was shown on the profile I had not included this in the lesson plan, I had mentally made a not on each student and there learning need.

Identified areas to build upon were, the need to show a complete story of the lesson within the lesson plan and clearer links with the profile. I intend to participate in further training for the profile and to develop my understanding of how I can integrate this into my lesson planning. Since then I have met with the Teaching Quality Manager Mr Derrick Trickett who supports staff with teaching and learning needs. He also carried out my lesson observation which I found very useful to gain in depth feedback to help me progress within this area. During this meeting I discovered ways of linking the student profile to the lesson plan and adding more detail on each individuals learning style and preferred ways of learning. Stretching the more able students and also pairing up the less able with more able student to help with support in the area’s they may need. After implementing this and then reflecting I realised how valuable this tool can be in ensuring all learner receive the correct learning methods, and resources are used to help them achieve their potential and then progress.

The second example I would like to analyse is the Lecturer job Description Appendix B
As I am currently a trainee lecturer my position is a grade 6 post. The job description is generalised regardless of a trainee or qualified lecturer. The main duties listed are only a guide and I feel do not fully describe my current job role. I currently teach a hairdressing course, alongside this I also teach an employability course and dermatitis qualification. My job description only states hairdressing and was devised in October 2004, this is outdated and not current. Main duty number 22 states to “carry out other duties as may reasonably be required from time to time”. For me this is not conclusive to what is actually expected of me. From my transition from assessor to lecturer I was unaware of the amount of different roles I would be expected to undertake. This has been a challenge over the past four years and also