Essay about Education and Students

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There is all kind of students in the world today. Students can be all ages, races, and sexist. Students have the ability to study from home, school, and some students’ even study abroad. Some students don’t study but, instead they cheat. The kinds of students that I am going to discuss are elementary students, middle school, high school students, and college students. Elementary students are students whose ages vary from the ages of four to about ten. The grades are usually kindergarten through the fifth grade. These students learn their basic studies that they will use in their future education. During these years students learn their alphabet, numbers, reading, math, English, social studies, and science. These students have test that are monitored by their teacher or, whom ever is in charge of their education. Elementary school is the school where children learn their primary education. Middle school students and high school students range from ages eleven to the age of eighteen. During these years students experience and learn a lot of new things. Middle school students begin to go through puberty. Student’s bodies, voices, and attitudes began to develop and change. Peer pressure begins during this time in student’s lives. Test become more complicated, studies become more difficult, and a lot of different types of subjects come into play. High school is the time that students start to learn different life skills. In high school students are offered a variety of classes to take. Students are exposed to a higher level of education. In high school students begin to prepare for their next journey in life. College if the final chance a person gets to be a student. College students are all ages. People can attend college either at the school or via the internet. Prior to the computer age people only had the choice of going to a college campus to earn a degree. Now that the web has been created, it opens up the doors for many other people who wouldn’t have a chance to become a college student the opportunity to pursue a higher education. Colleges now offer all kinds of classes for students to take. They