Essay on Education: Boy and Women

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The differences between men and women are boys tend to gather in large competitive groups. Boys like to play games that have a winner and a loser. Girls like to be a part of smaller groups and like to play more theatrical games.

believe that factors in the home and in social relations are the reason why boys and girls are so different. The reason why I believe this is because from the time a boy is born he is taught to be tough and show very little emotion. Girls from the time they are born are taught to be more open and it’s okay to show their emotions. Parents teach their children this but they also get the idea that boys are supposed to be tough and girls are supposed to be sensitive from the media and what they see on TV or even the books they read in school.

I agree that women friendships are deeper than male friendship. Women can go to their friend and say or talks about anything were as men keep certain thing to themselves. The reason why women friendships are deeper than male friendships is because women are less judgmental than men are and because women are less judgmental it’s a lot easier for women to have closer friendship than men.

I agree men do spend more time trying to attain wealth. Men want everything and because of that they work most of their lives trying to get it. That’s all men think about is wealth and money because men want power and they understand that the only way to attain that power is by becoming wealthy.

Men like to keep things to