Education In America

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Kenzie Stanley
March 12, 2014

Education in America
The Government’s role in education has been expanding, but has repeatedly failed to improve the outcome for the youth. This country is in need of a more sophisticated and better vision for education. Most are concerned by the rapid increasing costs of a college education and the impact this has on many students' ability to access higher education. The average college tuition has increased tremendously over the past decade. A wide variety of people and students are dropping out of school and getting their GED, when getting that does nothing better. These days, you need good education to get a decent job. With all this money for weapons for war, why can’t the government use that money for education for students who need it and desperately want to take their time and life to consider actually going to school and learning something. Economists have argued that colleges will charge as much as their customers are able to pay, therefore raising their tuition whenever student aid increases to capture the additional aid. I believe Congress has repeatedly missed the opportunity to hold colleges and universities accountable for how they spend taxpayer dollars and might in fact continue to fix the problem of rising costs by giving additional aid without providing new information to consumers. If they paid more attention to the kids that are willing to put forth their education so they can actually get into college and want to continue with it instead of stressing about all the