Essay Education: Marriage and Women

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Women's Education in Nepalese Society

We have heard that education should be for both men and women. Education for girls must not be only fro choosing good husbands. Nepalese parents think that the sole purpose of educating girls is to make it easier to find suitable husbands for them. As soon as girls attains the marriageable age, the problem of her marriage begins to prey upon their minds. They seldom think that educated girls may like to enter professions. If a girl wants to be an air hostess or a lawyer, or nurse, or doctor, we find suspect and surprise at home. We also find that Nepalese parents make partiality between sons and daughters. They think that the purpose of women's education is only to burden them with children; this education is of no use.

All the ladies must think that education is the most necessary thing for them. The aim of women's education should be to fit women for independent careers. Marriage should not be the sole aim but only a side issue of their lives. We must get rid of the idea that when a woman sings and dances before a man, by that action she makes herself cheap. It is dishonorable to bring children into the world for which there are no proper means of up bringing and to submit to a man because he has social sanction, and economic mastery over one. If women are also educated and able to find a good job, they become independent. If wife is educated, she can also help the family. Education makes the women responsible in the house hold affair or other field. If education does not lead to women's economic independence, it will have been wasted. We must get rid of the superstition that women are inferior to men.

In the west, women have dignified jobs in their ranks. In some countries, women are queens, presidents, prime ministers, poetess, philosophers, doctors etc. The system of women's education also came from west. In Nepal and India women are still backwards. People feel that they should not talk with men otherwise they will be prostitutes. But modern eastern women have started to be educated and occupy dignified posts. In our country Nepal, modern women’s are doctors, professors, engineers, nurse, ministers, members of parliament etc. The modern women in our country