Education: Teacher and Middle Class family Essay examples

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Education is in my opinion one of the most shaping factors of today’s society. If a child is from a poor or lower class family it will most likely receive a public school education, if the child we’re to receive any education at all. If a child was to grow up in a middle class family then he/she would have at the least a public school education and a few may even attend private schools. Lastly, if the child was to grow up and be raised in a wealthy, high class family, they would most likely attend a private school or maybe even home-schooling to avoid publicity. Basically, the way a child is raised and educated, gives great influence to what they will go to strive for in their future society. Most people never move themselves out of their classes or social statuses. Richer, more privileged people may choose to stay in higher classed white collar jobs such as being a CEO of a company, owning chains of businesses or being ‘royaltie’ of some sort and poorer people may choose to stay within their blue collar jobs such as doing housework or cleaning as maids, while those of the middle class remain in jobs in-between. People from the lower and middle classes may choose to strive for higher goals and decide to make a better life for themselves. Some of these people include celebrities such as actors and singers and also inventors and innovators such as the late Steven Jobs or David Karp. They started small with small ideas and now they both have huge companies known all over the world. They have not only affected their lives but they’ve also affected billions of people’s social lives. People who have the ambition and drive to strive for a better life are usually raised in a place where their education system has taught them to go off and do better things to better the community. Education not only