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My Educational Philosophy Final Draft

No two human beings are exactly alike. With that, no two humans will learn and use the information they acquire in the same way. Not everyone is strictly one type of learner. I believe that there is no perfect philosophy. I believe everyone finds features from more than one philosophy that they agree with. Eclecticism fits exactly what I believe. No philosophy fits every learning strategy in every situation or all students. I think that behaviorism and constructivism are huge parts of the way humans learn. People learn from their experiences and by observing experiences of other people. Students should be doing activities that put them in real life situations so they can use prior knowledge to build from. If someone touches a hot burner on the stove they will burn their hand. They received a negative consequence for their action. Because of that experience they will most likely not want to touch the hot burner again. I believe that students should be rewarded for their achievements, but I do not believe that they need a “prize” every time. I agree with some views of Progressivism. Everyone must be constantly learning and rediscovering to stay up to date with the world around them. The world is ever-changing. Education is used to learn how to solve problems and discover our surroundings. Students are constantly changing and adding to what they know as they learn new information. Teachers should not be in the classroom barking orders all day, but be on the side lines guiding the students in the correct path. My educational views above are very similar with the views of John Locke. He believes that when a human is born their mind is a pure, blank slate. Every situation one encounters, helps shape their ever-changing mind. Like Locke, I believe that there are two different kinds of experiences, sensation and reflection. Sensations tell about the things in the external world and reflections are about the operations and processes of our own minds. The human mind is active. Every day it stores hundreds of simple ideas and can combine them into a variety of intricate ideas. In my classroom I will be sure to know every student’s needs and learning difficulties. Being in Deaf Education, every student will be different. Some may have hearing aids, or cochlear implants. I