Educational Philosophy Essay

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Ashley Mason
March 10, 2013
Mary Biel Educational Philosophy While coming up with my very own educational philosophy I asked myself a handful of questions. Why do you want to teach? The answer that appeared to head was because teaching is something chosen as a career choice because getting a joy out of seeing children learn new and different things about life. Knowing that you can be the cause of someone else success can warm the heart and make it smile. While answering that question two more questions appeared to my mind, what is the purpose of education? And what is the role as an educator? With great belief the purpose of education is to prepare your students for their future. As an educator the role should not only should we educate them on how to pass the class but also get them thinking about their futures and what it is that they want to do with their lives so they can continue to strive towards it. It’s certain philosophies that wouldn’t be chose to implement in any strategy to educate. Such as the philosophy encourage academic competition. This type of educational approach tends to create longer academic days, school years, and the need for challenging text books. This wouldn’t be implemented into a classroom because it involves too much of the book work which they are not always up to date on information about what is going on in the world. It also requires long sitting and boring reading which tends to get most children off track. One thing you should always think about is how to get and keep the class interested. Another philosophy that is not to bad but really would not be implemented in my educational system is the Educators of the essentialism approach teach the basic skills of math, natural science, history, foreign language and literature. Growing up in school this is what teachers would use to educate their class. Which I strongly feel that this didn’t prepare those for their future plans and what it was that they wanted to become in life. Probably why majority is still confused today and as adults are still trying to figure out what to do with their life. In elementary school growing up they had this program called career day, which people from different ethnical backgrounds and genders would come out and talk about their job that they chose and what it took to get where they was. Professionals like nurses, doctors, fire fighters, EMS, postal workers, lawyers, chefs and so on. When it comes to educating someone and teaching them it’s not for them to memorize information that was given so that would be able to pass their exams. Of course things such as math, reading, science, and history need to be taught. But also worldly things such as career choices and how to solve more than just a math problem should also be taught in combination with the basic needs. I would