Laws And Regulations That Paul Should Pay Attention To?

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There are several laws and regulations that Paul should pay attention to. In his meeting with John and Roy about employee exit interviews, he has discovered that all the employees who left the company were women and minorities. Paul should pay attention to Equal Employment Opportunity laws. Even though people from many different ethnic groups have moved in to the area, the employees at the company are primarily Caucasian and African-American. This could be seen as disparate impact under EEO laws. Members of protected groups are highly underrepresented in the company. Paul should also look at the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991. Roy made the comment in the meeting that “These Hispanic women don’t really want to be the boss. They are not comfortable in the role.” Also John and Roy said that they did not hire Asians because they were hard to understand and it was weird when thy spoke their native language. If anyone else heard these comments it could be seen as a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1991 because Roy and John are putting limits on the work opportunities for Hispanic and Asian employees and using race and sex in employment practices. Also some of the male employees have made comments that are offensive to the female employees. Paul really needs to look at sexual harassment laws. The male employees comments are creating a hostile work environment for the female employees.

If the type of hiring practices that Plastec has been using continues they…