Effective Communication Paper

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Effective Communication Paper
By: Courtney Hammons
University of Phoenix
January 30, 2015
Professor Geraldine O’Neal
Effective Communication Paper Organizational structure is the method by which an organization communicates, distributes responsibility and adapts to change. These structures make it possible for companies to utilize their resources to achieve set goals. A company needs to keep its structure dynamic so that it can respond to the things that impact organizational structure. The company that can adapt is better able to survive. Although I am majoring in Health Care Administration, I am not working in the field. I am currently employed by a privately owned pizza restaurant. In my experiences, restaurants are structured to have checks and balances in an organized chain of command. The business belongs to the owners and they make all of the major decisions for the restaurant. They hire a general manager, along with shift managers and leaders, to control the day to day operations. The shift manager stays on the floor and keeps communication directly with the general manager. Shift leaders are generally chosen by both the shift managers and general manager for their leadership qualities and experience.
I have been working in the food industry on and off for multiple years and it has been my experience that many of the problems that occur in restaurants are a result of poor communication. The lack of communication could have easily been avoided by the implementation of better workplace procedures. I have found that creating proper two way contact policies can help the staff and management avoid a majority of the staffing, scheduling, reservations, orders, and inventory issues that may arise.
In order for a restaurant to be successful it must have a well-practiced and implemented chain of communication between all of its employees. Having the employees learn to operate as a unit has proven to be very effective due to having the proper instruction on how to practice great verbal and nonverbal communication practices. Also, making sure each employee is given a description of their duties and what is expected of them helps aid the communication between them.
The biggest problems that I have endured during my employment history have been the result of a lack of information. In other words keeping people in the loop. There are many other problems that can occur as a result of poor communication skills within the workplace. The main issues that I have witnessed are an increased amount of turnovers in employment, a high amount of call offs, poor customer service skills, diminished productivity, and a lack of focus from the employees.
I have the luxury of working in both the food industry as well as in the health care field and it amazes me how similar the two are when it comes to functioning. Like restaurants, health care relies on strong communication amongst the staff in order for the organization to run smoothly and effectively. Having a staff that is confident in their communication skills allow for the continuous building and maintaining of good physician-patient and nurse-patient relationships. Having these skills also allow the employees to learn from one another, develop alternative