Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Suraj Gantedi
Prof. Ikuko Fujiwara
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12 April y

Effects of Social Media

The positive social media that we think is ending. We think, we’re connecting but we are disconnecting from each other. It have changed the world by connecting each other, but also making them more hateful to each other. Social Media have changed the society in many ways from relations to cyberbullying. Social Media even changed people and created a impact on their life. People are actively using social media, thinking that these medias are so viable and making their life easy. We need to look at the negative impacts that these sites have created on people, especially the students. Firstly, Cyberbullying is growing as the major problem in United States of America, that are creating staggering consequences among youth. Cyberbullying is defined as the use of the electronic communication medium to strong-arm a person (or) his feeling. The facts provided by various researches in united states, proven that cyberbullying is major social problem and tends to have lots of consequence. According to the stop bullying.gov in USA, nearly 43% of kids have been harassed online and 70% of students reports witnessing of frequent bullying online. For example, filling your friend’s Facebook feeds with negative ones instead of making positive views. Over 80% of teens uses smartphone regularly, which make them to be common medium of cyberbullying. According to Letrim Observer, the woman committed suicide in the woods near her home in Ireland last September after incessant bullying on her Ask.fm. Users would call her with vulgar words and she went to depression which leads up to taking her own life. By the negative consequences happening, two to nine times more likely to consider committing suicide. One of the major consequences of social media is the internet, that young people are open to public with their personal information. They recklessly create open profiles in internet without considering or going-through the terms and conditions of sites. According to phi.org, serious issues are raised due to cybercrime like