Essay on Effects of Stress

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Effects of Stress

Stress is something that everyone experiences daily and is something that cannot be easily avoided. It can cause many different health problems including affecting your weight. Stress is defined as forces from the outside world that affects a person. Not all stress is negative and some stressors can help you learn and grow. With the accumulation of stress an individual’s body is affected physically and mentally. Stress can cause the body’s automatic defense mechanism to become activated as a way to protect. Stress affects the body in many ways which can lead to weight gain, and sometimes diabetes. Stress can cause an individual to feel mentally unstable and one of the more common ways those individuals try to solve this is by emotional eating. This term can also be called stress eating. During stress eating, an individual eats more calories than they are burning which in turn causes unhealthy weight gain. The right way to fix this would be to balance healthy eating and exercise which can increase the bodies metabolic functions. An individual filled with unhealthy amounts of stress may feel that unhealthy food gives them temporary relief which hurts them in the long run. This cycle is continuous and very dangerous. This is how an individual may gain weight as a result of stress. Another unhealthy effect of stress is diabetes. In a study done by Luthra D. , a psychiatrist, she found that stressful experiences can affect diabetes in terms of its