Effects of Uv Rays Essays

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Effects of UV Rays
Agnes Berisha
Baker College of Auburn Hills
July 8, 2010

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Signature: ________________________________________ There are more benefits that come with the exposure to the sun than harm. Vitamin D that our body produces when we are exposed to the sun is very efficient in curing so many diseases. It protects from arthritis, diabetes, infectious diseases,
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Robyn Lucas, an epidemiologist at Australian National University says “Far more lives are lost to diseases caused by a lack of sunlight, than to those caused by too much sun” (Kotz, 2008). We have also heard so much about tanning industries and how dangerous the tanning beds are. Not according to Bruce Hollis, a leading vitamin D researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina, he says “Tanning beds that produce UVB will generate vitamin D” (Doughton, 2008). After some research Hiran Ratnayake, had learned that the numbers given to public regarding developing cancer from tanning beds are not so true. He found out from the studies that he looked through, that there are not much different between people that tan and those that don’t use tanning beds, to develop melanoma. The information that he found “showed that less than three-tenths of 1 percent tanners develop melanoma and less than two-tenths of 1 percent of those that don’t tan develop melanoma” (Christensen, 2010). Schwartz, a general internist at Veterans Affairs Medical Center said “Melanoma is pretty rare and almost all the time, the way to make it look scarier is to present the relative change, the 75 percent increase, rather than to point out that it is still really rare” (Christensen, 2010). Sunlight is the best medicine; it cures us from so many different diseases and also from depression. Even