Electoral College Advantages

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The Electoral College is a group of electors representing the states of the United stated who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president. This method consists of a choosing of electors, whom attend a meeting where they cast their vote for a new President and Vice President. 538 electors are a part of The Electoral College. The majority electoral votes required are 270 in order to elect the President. Every four years on a Tuesday after the first Monday in November the presidential election is held. The electors meeting will is always fall on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. The electors will meet in their own respective states, where they will cast their votes for will become President …show more content…
The people had no part in it... people didn't have the knowledge we have now and the Framers didn't want people to make an error. The way the Electoral College has changed from its original form is mostly all electors now vote for the presidential candidate who wins the most popular votes in their state.

Third Parties are weak due to the change of the Electoral College. The electoral college gives power to the smaller states which is unfair to the larger states.It also provides inequality among different states Those are the disadvantages of the electoral vote. The Electoral College gives states the right to determine how electors are apportioned. The system grants each state freedom to create their own laws that pertain to voting and it offers all the ability to effect change. Some people think that the Electoral College having a negative effect on third parties to be a good thing. Maintaining two party systems provides the country with stability. The electoral college Prevents victory based mainly on urban areas. Those are all the advantages of the Electoral College
In conclusion Electoral College is not a good way to elect a president. Of course The Electoral College has the final say in which president will be chosen. The reason it’s not right is because if majority of the voters choose one president and the Electoral College chooses differently than most of the voters will end up getting upset. Voters chose a certain president for a reason and it would be a waste of time if the candidate they voted for didn’t get