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Electronics on Paper Nowadays, the technologies become more and more powerful. Many people are using technology to work, at home , and everywhere. Our technology productions become thinner, lighter and smaller. Also, they have more function, easy to use, and make people life convenient. Many engineers are developing the new technique to make the technology to become lighter, smaller and cheaper. This technique called Electronics on paper. In my opinion , I believe in this technique, because many companies are competing with each others, they will sponsor this technique to make their product to become more high tech, flexible, lighter and cheaper to attract customer to buy their product. Many researchers develop using the paper to instead glass, silicon, plastic, and other materials in electronic device. Using paper can make the device lightweight, flexible, biodegradable, and it is a renewable resource. It is also extraordinarily adaptable. The researcher can make the paper to be watertight, nearly transparent, delicate, strong, coarse and very smooth. Paper electronics can be used in many different ways, many researchers use paper electronics to be a display screen, circuit board, biological assays RF antennas , batteries, smart packaging labels, and use in other electronic devices. The display device called “e-paper on paper” . They believe that if this technique can be used very common, because it is very inexpensive and very convenient. Paper emerges in