Essay about Emotion and Me. Young Teenagers

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Paper 1 You know what life can be so hard and difficult, especially when you don’t have the right support.
It was a regular day, me walking down the halls getting ready to go to gym class. Then all of the sudden I hear ms.Indberg say “ toy you have a visitor at the front of the school , so me as usual get up quietly walking down the hallways . Emotions running through my head as usual not knowing who could be at the front desk for me? My mom’s is off doing her own thing being married to the worst man a woman could be married to. So there you have it joy Young my mother wasn’t in my life, my dad is in Chicago as usual. I don’t really know my father to well so you’re rarely going to hear his name. So I’m thinking who this can possibly be. I’m too worried about where I was going to sleep that night. Nothing really mattered to much to me because who was there to help no one . Although a couple of my teachers that really emotionally cared They all pretty much knew by me coming to school late most days , just not caring what I did in school at all Nobody understood how it was to try to get up and go to school every day not knowing where I was going to wake up that day . So my main teachers and I wrote out was a supportive system we sat down every day 7-8 hours every day, I had a voucher also to mention. So again I’ll go in school my main work was to get on craigslist every day until I found me a possible home to go to. We figured out that most of my mental pain and school distraction was coming from my personal hate. Not knowing where I’m laying my head. So well search every day, it was mid-October