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Janelle Rembert
Individual Assignment 3

What is emotional intelligence? It can be defined as a mixture of things including but not limited to self-control, self- awareness, sensitivity, and one’s motivation. How do you find out where your emotional intelligence is at? There are many free tests a lot of them which can be found online. Although it is very important to have general intelligence it is equally important to have emotional intelligence to have a good balance. Why is it important to have high emotional intelligence? Simply put it tells what kind of person you are, what lyes on the inside. When you have a higher emotional intelligence you know how to deal and interact with others, empathize, and be able to deal with tough situations and understand the others point of view. It also relates on how you deal with yourself. Do you get mad easy or lose your temper and fly off the handle easily? These could be red flags on how you release your emotions.

I took four different emotional intelligence tests. Some of the results I already knew. That I deal with people in a good manner, but I also need to learn how to be more direct with people and stop feeling like I can’t tell them exactly how I feel in a non -confrontational manner. One of the other tests told me something I already knew which was I am a leader. I have always possessed these qualities. But part of it told me that sometimes I can appear as shy until I am comfortable with a situation. I don’t really consider this to be true, but I can accept constructive criticism. The third tests results indicated that I liked working alone rather than in a large group of people. This is partly true, but me personally I rather work with people than to be secluded by myself. I think these tests can only give you a guideline to your emotional intelligence. I don’t think it can give you an exact account to how high your