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Emotional Intelligence Project
In order to understand my own emotional intelligence I have interview three people who are significant in my life for personal feedback. These people were selected because they know me very well and they have been in my life for some time now. This paper is my reflection of the data I collected from each individual. The very first person who I picked was one of my cousins, Marisol who I grew up with through out my childhood years. She listed 5 strengths; mentioning, strong, caring, intelligent, determined, and a goal accomplisher. Everything she included signified me and my five strengths with out a doubt. Patience, multi-tasking and being cautious is some of my improvements I need to work on she stated. I agree, patience is something I really need to work on. I have no patience for anything I do and it’s the only one I approve of that I need improvement on. When stressed, takes action on temporary feelings, when happy, sociable and loving. When angry takes out on beloved ones, isolates himself when afraid, and shows facial expressions when sad. To be honest everything that she put down on here is true. The only one that I would say is not so accurate would be when I’m angry. When anger affects my body I seem to isolate myself and ignore everybody, I wouldn’t say I take it out on my beloved ones.
The second individual I chose was one of my oldest cousins Laura; she’s one of my babysitters, of when I was a child. She specified that I show a lot of ambition, intelligence, also including caring, strong and determined as my five strengths. Something similar to what I think my five strengths are. Listing down patience, dedication and taking things one day at a time was her improvements she had for me to evaluate. Nothing that I could deny with on here except dedication. I seem to have a lot of devotion, that’s why I’m in school and pursuing my goal. When stressed doesn’t relax, while happy he’s caring and sociable. Isolates him self from everyone when afraid and blames every one for his anger when mad. He’s usually very happy most of the time, so his sadness shows in his face.
Would I disagree or agree with her, I would say agree she detailed every single behavior I do when I’m in these predicaments. Last but not least I pick my mother, the person who knows me best, I suppose. She indicated that my five strengths were being a goal accomplisher, motivation, strong minded, determined and caring. Some of my improvements were having patience, controlling