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Assignment Composition
Task B – Your work role

Bi – • Rates of Pay To ensure employees are paid no less than minimum wage, different rates of pay at different hours worked and to reference back to if employee is paid under or over at any one time during employment, if they are paid by the hour or on a salary.

• Holiday Entitlement To ensure employees are entitled to minimum holiday entitlement, employees know when entitlement starts/stops holiday and how they will be paid holiday entitlement also how much holiday employee is entitled to.

• Termination This is important so that you know what your probationary period is, what length of notice that you are obliged to give before leaving and what reasons your employer has to terminate your employment without any notice.

• Commencement of Employment To show when you started your employment to reference back to if needed for reasons such as holiday, redundancy etc.

• Personal Details Name, D.O.B, Address and Signature are very important on a contract of employment as not all contracts are the same as another employee within the company. A Signature is also required for a contract of employment as this shows that you as an employee have read, understood and agreed to the contract.

Bii – • Name • National insurance number • Date • Tax Code • Payment Method • Payment Period • Gross/Net Pay • Rates of Pay • Holiday Pay • Expenses • Tax & National Insurance • Employment Name
All of above needs to be shown on your payslip as this is a legal document.

Biii – You must report any changes in Name or address to your Employer.

Biv – The grievance should be raised verbally with your Line Manager. This should be done in confidence giving full details and sufficient time to consider the facts of the case and where appropriate take suitable action.
If your Line Manager is not able to resolve the grievance, the matter should be referred either verbally or in writing to the Senior Manager whose decision will be final. I must follow the company’s policy and procedure if I felt I wanted to report a grievance.

Bv - • Date Protection - No data is to be passed on to anyone without clients or next of kin consent and data about the clients or employees is not to be passed on or leave the premises, without permission of the manager. Eg. Key safe numbers, address and personal information, bank details etc. • Grievance – To be raised verbally with Line manager if not resolved then to be referred to Senior Manager to make a final decision. follow the company’s policy and procedure if I felt I wanted to report a grievance. • Conflict Management – Keep calm, step out the room for a few minutes if there is a conflict, talk about things and try to resolve the issue in an agreed way (if conflict is with service user). Differences in beliefs, needs. Interest, or values among individuals with the organisation. If there was a conflict at work you would start off by the informal conflict but if you felt it wasn’t dealt with then you would have to use the formal conflict management process. Policies and procedures are always kept in the office. Anti-discriminatory practice – It is important that i follow this policy and procedure to make sure i respect that people have different views/beliefs from what you have, if you believe there is any discrimination taking place then this needs to be reported to your manager. I must attend all training to make sure i follow this policy and procedure correctly. • Health & Safety - Lanhydrock Care recognises that they have a responsibility to ensure that reasonable precautions are taken to provide and maintain working conditions which are safe, healthy and comply with all statutory requirements and codes of practice relating to the organisation’s particular activities such as work uniform, gloves and