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Empty Mind, Empty Paper My brain had been so spaced out, I was surprised it was still in my skull. The dark, gloomy clouds filled with water were ready to explode, which did not help my thought process whatsoever. The walls were as white as snow on freezing morning, which made this session so much more difficult than normal. Although everything around me was becoming extremely dull by the second, my favorite professional football team in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys, was about to play on national television in the second round of the playoffs. Obviously, I desperately wanted to watch this game more than anything. However, work had to be done, and with such little time to spare, I simply wouldn’t be able to watch the game. I didn’t know what I should do; this paper was to be turned in the very next morning. At the rate I was headed, I wouldn’t be finished writing the first paragraph the very next week, due to my unfortunate writer’s block. Writer’s block is a term used to describe a condition, primarily associated with writing as a profession, in which the author loses the ability to produce new work. Throughout the years, writer’s block has actually been a serious problem for me every time I attempt to complete a writing assignment. There have been several people to say that, at times, I am a decent writer with tremendous writing abilities. However, more often than not, I have struggled with the affliction of writer’s block throughout my career. This problem can manifest inside my mind and make me think my writing is insufficient and incomplete. This obviously reduces moral and confidence in myself; which later the idea that I can no longer continue to write interesting material for readers slowly starts to creep into my mind. Now, of course, I was not as talented as some professional writers, nor did I write for fun like some might have done; however, at times I could write some compelling things to those who actually read some of my papers. With all those dull factors happening during that time, I was trying to write an essay for my English class. So as you might believe, I had trouble composing ideas to finish that paper by its due date. Now I do believe it would have been fair to say that it is definitely what I deserved for procrastinating. However, sometimes things happen, and it’s just impossible to take time out to sit down and write for an hour, or that’s at least what we students truly believe. On the contrary, it really doesn’t matter what we might think because the only thing counts at the end of the day is the final result. In the midst of all the darkness and gloominess of the day, at the point