Energy: Energy and Nuclear Power Plant Essay

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Shannon Schwab

When entering into a dark room the first thing we reach for is the light switch; and with one flick the lights are turned on; but have you ever stopped to think where the power comes from when we flip a switch? What powers the electricity and how is that power emitted into our homes each and every day?
Most homes rely on electricity to power “refrigerators, space and water heaters, lighting, and power appliances and equipment.” (Electricity Explained) I rely on electricity to power most of these items in my home; without them I would not be able to heat the water for a shower, cook in or on the oven, would be sitting in the dark if I could not flip on a switch. However when flipping on a switch or turning on the water to heat, we do not think of were the energy is coming from to supply us with these added bonuses of having electricity power our homes.
New Hampshire has 60 different power plants that are stretched out over the state. The biggest Nuclear power plant is located in Seabrook NH, which generates 1242 MW together with all 60 power plants New Hampshire generates 4500 megawatthours. (Electricity in NH) New Hampshire supplies its power to homes and businesses through a company called PSNH. This is the company that supplies my electricity to my home and powers every appliance and hot water heater in my home. Another form of energy that is used in my home is oil; this is used to heat my house in the winter time. Many people in New Hampshire rely on oil companies to supply homes with oil. According to the White Mountain Oil and Propane website “Crude oil comes from (60%) domestic and (40%) international.” (White Mountain Oil and Propane)
With any form of energy over time new technology has been developed to help generate new ideas for the powering of the United States. Not only will these help reduce cost and other up keep; but will help provide more power at a lesser cost to the consumer. Renewable energy is taking on a brighter and smarter way of powering homes. Some people are using the sun to power their homes, with the help of solar panels. In some places in the United States the sun is so hot that these solar panels can store enough energy to heat and power a home. Another renewable source is the wind. By building huge wind mills the wind spins the mill and the energy is then sent to power homes or used in bringing water from the ground. Biofuels are another renewable source that is helpful in the production of energy. Ethanol is fuel made from corn, potato skins and other organic items; which helps in the production of an alcohol. (U.S. Energy Information Administration) It would be pretty cool if we were filling our gas tanks with corn or potato skins instead of gasoline. Think of how less expensive that would be. I mean we already have potatoes and corn right at our disposal.
After reading article after article on renewable resources and learning about the different types of energy powered into our homes each day there are some pros and cons to each item. Right now I use oil to heat my home this is how my home was designed; I do not have a wood burning stove or any other source. A pro of oil is that it keeps me warm in the winter time the con to oil is that oil prices keep going up and up and I am spending more and more money to heat my home each year. My electrical company is supplied from the energy from the local nuclear power plant, a pro is that I can watch T.V. cook a meal and even write a book; but the con is pollution is emitted into the air each time I flip a switch. As far as the renewable resources go I would say that having solar energy and wind energy in my area would not be all that useful. I would have to live on a mountain to have wind all of the time to spin the