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Allison Munos
ENG 106
Amy Falvey
April 18, 2013
Roosters in America
Animal fighting has become a big issue in the world lately. Around the world animals are being forced to fight each other every day for the simple amusement of people. Roosters are just one of the few that are really getting the worst end of the stick when it comes to this “sport.” Individuals in this society know the consequences of fighting animals, yet they refuse to comply and fight them anyway. So, since the laws and the consequences of these laws don’t seem to scare these offenders I propose a solution. Why not get rid of the roosters altogether? I mean what do we really need them for anyway? The age that we live in has so many artificial ways to get around not having to even need the roosters for anything that they can be swept out, and nobody would even notice.
The only way to get this solution to work is to make the roosters fight each other to the deaths. The process of fighting every single rooster in the world to the death will take a long time, this I understand. So, in order to speed up the process we need to get the roosters champion weapons, such as the weapons Gladiators used in the Roman Times.
The Roosters will be equipped with brass claws to claw the eyes out of their challengers. They will be given a sharp wing clip to lie over their wings. Their ankles will get a leather band with sharp knifes attached to the sides making it easier to cut the opponent if it tries to make a slick move.
In order to speed the process up a little more, only the strong roosters will be given these champion weapons. We can’t sit around waiting for two strong roosters to kill each other. That would take too much time. But, in order to give the weak roosters some kind of chance, we will through in visored helmets, and leather grieves for their legs, nothing more.
We can’t be so certain though that the weak will die easily. So, just in case there will be a sudden death challenge if both opponents last 10 rounds in the original battle. Sudden death will be carried out by lancing. Both roosters will be