Eng 2 Chapter 1

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Nasser Alsaadawi Alsaadawi 1
Eng 100
Professor Sacco
Summary of the first four chapters
In general all writing needs a reason. People write to learn more about whom they are, how they feel about something and to keep diaries when things happen to try in some way transfer it to other by more logical way. We might also, promote people to understand our point or to act in a smellier way like us. As a matter of fact, to knowledge the main point of the writing can aid our writing and comprehend how it goes from there. Also, the point we discuss can decide the type we select. In addition, we write for an audience our writing process depends on who we want to deliver our information to. It is important that we present a clear idea to people we do not expect to understand our own common speech such as with friends or family, by adding a prof of what we are writing about and support it. Moreover, to achieve such thing we must meet the expectations of our audience by clearing and not assuming that they will understand our mysteries in our writing process. Third point is, genre which is the type of writing is used to inform its reader. Also there are many types of genre depending on who we are writing to and what is the reason behind it. Every paper that is typed it meant to be understood by the person or audience it’s addressed to. Additionally, we might use the same piece that was written in any kind of genre to modify it as to be understood in another form.