The Story Of My Life

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It’s a warm summer day in the middle of July and I decide that I am going to stop wasting my time inside the house and I am going to go do something with my friend Josh. Josh and I are really good friends and we happen to enjoy the same things like sports, funny movies and making money. Around 7 p.m. I call Josh and ask “Hey Josh, let’s do something new tonight.” Josh says, “I’m up for anything man, what do you have in mind?” As I think of new places that we can go to I come across this advertisement for a casino for people 18 and up. I tell Josh, “How about we go to a casino and make some money?” Josh thinks about it for a second and says, “I am in. Pick me up in an hour.” Around 9 p.m. Josh and I arrive at the casino and when we walk in we hear the sounds of machines going off and people cheering as they make money while the DJ plays music. Josh turns to me and says, “This was a great idea, what should we play first?” As we walked around the casino I spot a roulette table and say, “Josh, let’s go play roulette. It looks really interesting.” Josh replies, “I’ve never played that but I guess I can give it a try.” We walk up to the table and each put it $20, as the night goes on we keep winning and now we are both up around $100. Josh looks at the clock and says, “Hey man it’s already 11 I think we should get out of here, we already made money and it’s starting to get late.” I look at the table and look at the screen with the previous numbers and realize that the last five numbers were all odd so I tell Josh, “I’m going to play one last time and we can get out of here.” Josh agrees and says, “okay I guess since your