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Assignment 1
How to become the graduate members of BEM and IEM after obtaining an Engineering Degree

This paper shows how to become a graduate member of BEM and IEM after obtaining an engineering degree. Furthermore it explains what the BEM and IEM are and delivers reasons for registration. At the end it shows that the BEM has a higher ranking than IEM.
Keywords: BEM; IEM; Graduate member; Registration.
1. What is the BEM?
The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), formed in 23rd August 1972, is a statutory body constituted under the Registration of Engineers Act 1967. It falls within the ambit of responsibility of the Minister of Works and its primary role is to facilitate the registration of engineers, to regulate professional conduct and to ensure that engineering services provided in Malaysia are of high quality, delivered with due diligence, conforming to professional ethics and benchmarked to the best practices.
2. Why to register to BEM?
In order to get a permission to work as an engineer in Malaysia, it is mandatory to register as a graduate engineer with BEM. Furthermore BEM only recognizes the gained experience after registration and therefore recommends registering as a graduate engineer directly after obtaining an engineering degree. Another significant point is that in order to become a professional engineer it is required to be registered as a graduate engineer with the BEM.
3. How to register to BEM?
Step 1: Accredited or recognised degree

Step 2: Required documents

Step 3: Degree language

Step 4: Branch major

Step 5: Certified true copy by a professional engineer

Step 6: Online or manually

Step 7: Form A

Step 8: Sending to the Board of Engineers Malaysia

Step 9: Payment

Step 10: Certificate

4. What is the IEM?
The Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), formed in 1959 is a professional organization in Malaysia with the primary function advance the science and profession of engineering and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to engineering. It promotes honourable practice and professional etiquette among the members of the institution.
5. Why to register to IEM?